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Gavase Tool/Strap Corner Protector Installatio/Placement Tool, Why It Was Born?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Ricardo Flores, with over 20 years hauling loads across the countries of Puerto Rico and Florida, and with only five months as flatbed Owner-Operator, always felt something less risky was needed to help secure his loads on the flatbeds he drove. He dreamed of a tool that could secure the corner protectors & vee boards of the loads while providing safety, and the Gavase Tool was born.

The Ideal Flatbed Safety Tool For Cargo Securement Equipment.

This is an ideal tool to help with safety and increase quickness tying down the oversized loads that need to be hauled and it could soon become the norm of the trucking industry.

Father and Son Know Best.

When the means to the end are already in the family, it didn't take long for this product to take true shape.

Epifanio Flores, Ricardo's father, brought the design to life, with a background in teaching as a professor in technical engineering the Gavase Tool soon became a reality.

The Benefits of Gavase Tool as Flatbed Safety Tool.

  1. Improve safety and productivity significantly.
  2. Provide peace of mind or your drivers.
  3. Lower premiums.

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